BIOCATNET Biocatalyst Production & Process Engineering Event

BIOCATNET hosted a two day sandpit event at UCL, to address the themes of Biocatalyst production and Process engineering. The programme included presentations from academics and industry representatives, and breakout discussions to identify key challenges and opportunities.

This Event was used to develop research priorities and challenges, and these are the areas which form the basis for the 2nd Call for BIOCATNET Proof-of-Concept Funding. Discussion notes for each of the themes can be downloaded here:

    Biocatalyst production
    Process engineering

BIOCATNET would like to thank all of the speakers and delegates for their contributions to this successful event.


Monday 3rd November: Biocatalyst production

    John Ward, UCl
    Andrew Ellis, Biocatalysts Ltd
    Simon Charnock, Prozomix Ltd
    Matthew Bycroft, Dr Reddy’s
    Ted Chapman, GSK
    Jenny Littlechild, University of Exeter

Tuesday 4th November: Process engineering

    Ben Sykes, BBSRC
    Andy Wells, Charnwood Technical Consulting
    Gilda Gasparini, AM Technology
    Graham Ruecroft, Celbius Ltd
    Kay McClean, C-Tech Innovation Ltd
    Dimitris Charalampoulos, University of Reading
    Frank Baganz, UCL
    Peter Budd, University of Manchester
    Tuck Seng Wong, University of Sheffield