BIOCATNET funding calls opening 11th September 2017

BIOCATNET is pleased to announce two calls for funding proposals opening on the 11th September 2017: the 5th Call for Proof-of-Concept funding, and the new Industrial Biotechnology Seeding Catalyst award scheme. In addtion to the tow calls detailed below, BIOCATNET Business Interaction Vouchers are still available through the open call, see here for details.

BIOCATNET Industrial Biotechnology Seeding Catalyst

Status: OPEN
Application deadline: 29th September 2017, 5pm

Projects and associated expenditure must be completed by the 28th February 2018 and all reporting must be completed by 16th March 2018. This deadline is non-negotiable.


BBSRC recognises the importance of helping businesses and researchers to commercialise their research and develop innovative solutions to industrial challenges. Under the auspices of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) BIOCATNET has been awarded funds that will support several Industrial Biotechnology Seeding Catalyst Awards to build upon the success of the IB Catalyst, and capture the benefits of the Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) approach employed across the Research Councils.

Industrial Biotechnology Seeding Catalyst Awards provide funding of up to £25,000 (reimbursed at 100% fEC) to support the direct costs of a project. These awards, with a total value of up to £100,000, are intended to fund short collaborative projects between BIOCATNET academic and industrial members with the aim of facilitating translational activities.

BIOCATNET IB Seeding Catalyst Awards may be used to support a range of activities to address challenges using biocatalytic processes, or processes in which biocatalysis and chemical approaches are used in combination. The scientific scope of the funding will include production of:

  • Fine and speciality chemicals and natural products (e.g. fragrances, flavours; pharmaceutical intermediates)
  • Commodity, platform and intermediate chemicals and materials (e.g. .plastics and textiles)
  • Liquid and gaseous biofuels
  • Peptides and proteins (e.g. enzymes, antibiotics, recombinant biologics)
  • Novel or improved upstream or downstream processes to reduce costs or improve efficiency

Key Features of the IB Seeding Catalyst Awards

  • Funds can be provided only to organisations of individuals eligible to receive BBSRC funding and industrial contributions (in cash or in kind) are encouraged
  • Payment will be in arrears subject to completion of work and reporting requirements (see Terms and Conditions for further information)
  • The ISCF seeding catalyst awards will fund direct costs only (see eligible funding section below)
  • Projects and associated expenditure must be completed by the 28th February 2018 and all reporting must be completed by 16th March 2018. This deadline is non-negotiable

More information on BIOCATNET Industrial Biotechnology Seeding Catalyst, including guidance on the scope of projects, can be found here, here. See Proof-of-Concept Project Guidelines for further details.

BIOCATNET 5th Call for Proof-of-Concept Proposals

Status: OPEN
Application deadline: 31st October 2017, 5pm

Projects funded under the 5th call must be completed no later than 31st October 2018 in order to complete reporting requirements within the lifetime of the NIBB.


The 5th Call for BIOCATNET Proof-of-Concept funding, which will fund projects with a total combined value of £200,000, supporting projects in the Network subthemes of Biocatalyst Discovery, Development, and Scale Up.

Members who are interesting in applying for funding are strongly encouraged to engage with industrial members to ensure that their proposal demonstrates the widest possible potential impact and industrial relevance. Funding will be available to BIOCATNET members to support short-term Proof-of-Concept projects, preferably within the range of 1-6 months duration. Proposals for long projects must be of the highest possible impact, and will therefore require exceptional justification.

Proof-of-concept projects are designed to stimulate collaborations between BIOCATNET members leading to further applications for funding. The awards will support short-term, precompetitive research projects and scoping exercises in order to de-risk future research and development projects, thereby increasing chances of success and opportunities for uptake of biocatalysis in industry. Awards will support high quality integrated research and development projects that bring together key academic and business components of the UK Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy community.

More information on BIOCATNET Proof-of-Concept funding, including guidance on the scope of projects, can be found on the POC Funding page, here. See Proof-of-Concept Project Guidelines for further details. See the Application Form.

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