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Industrial Biotechnology Course: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology

Industrial Biotechnology Course: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology

When: 18-20 April 2016

Where: Biochemical Engineering, University College London

This unique module designed in collaboration with the Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) will introduce options for integrating biocatalysis into chemical manufacturing processes, and also explore successful examples of biocatalyst design, process operation and biorefining for sustainable manufacturing. In this module a series of lectures, problem solving case studies, and a practical workshop will provide close interaction with key academic and industrial speakers

Networking and 3rd Proof-of-concept Call Launch Event 28-29 September, 2015

Hosted by BIOCATNET, this free two-day, cross-sector event will bring together academic and industrial partners to identify and address key challenges in the areas of biocatalyst discovery and development. The programme includes flash presentations* from key academics and industry representatives, workshops to identify key challenges and opportunities, and networking sessions.

SYNBIOCHEM Launch, 11th/12th June

Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

The launch of SYNBIOCHEM, the Manchester Centre for Fine and Speciality Chemicals, will be marked by special events to showcase the new capabilities based in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology. The new state-of-the-art facility, supported by a dedicated team of expert researchers, will develop an innovative integrated suite of technologies for the synthesis of fine and speciality chemicals founded upon the application of predictive methods in SynBio.

European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology 2015


The second edition of the “European Summer School on Industrial Biotechnology” will take place in Stuttgart, Aug 31 – Sep 4, 2015 with a focus on “Design of Biocatalysts: Concepts, Methods, and Applications”.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Dan Tawfik (Weizmann Institute, Rehovot)
  • Donald Hilvert (ETH Zürich)
  • Bernhard Hauer (University of Stuttgart)
  • Andy-Mark Thunnissen (University of Groningen)
  • Niels Hansen (University of Stuttgart)
  • Johannes Kästner (University of Stuttgart)