Industrial Biotechnology Course: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology

Industrial Biotechnology Course: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology

When: 18-20 April 2016

Where: Biochemical Engineering, University College London

This unique module designed in collaboration with the Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) will introduce options for integrating biocatalysis into chemical manufacturing processes, and also explore successful examples of biocatalyst design, process operation and biorefining for sustainable manufacturing. In this module a series of lectures, problem solving case studies, and a practical workshop will provide close interaction with key academic and industrial speakers, enabling you to:

  • Strengthen your knowledge in biocatalysis, and whole biotransformation processes, from fermentation to product
  • Understand the range of chemical conversions accessible by biocatalysis, and examples of successful industrial applications
  • Discover the industrial potential of synthetic biology
  • Explore the challenges and options for large scale biocatalysis
  • Who should attend?
    This course is designed for all those individuals working in any of the following industries where biocatalysis and synthetic biology is important: fine and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, diagnostics as well as sustainable processing in the biorefining, biofuels and bulk polymer sectors


    Modular Training Program, MBI® course list here.

    Key benefits of MBI® Programme:

  • Knowledge transfer and upskilling
  • Deeper understanding of process options and engineering constraints
  • Acquire the tools to optimised process performance and economics
  • Updates on latest technical and regulatory developments
  • Access to cutting edge research methodologies
  • Network with sector leaders and subject matter experts
  • Flexible professional development and options for qualifications