Metals in Biology NIBB: Characterising and utilising Rhodococcus meeting

The Metals in Biology NIBB will be holding a collaboration-building meeting on the use of Rhodococcus as a platform for IB applications. The meeting will take place on November 2nd 2015 at the University of York, organised by Alison Parkin (University of York) and Colin Murrell (University of East Anglia).

The event flyer can be downloaded HERE.

Topics include:

  • challenges in delivering Rhodococcus biocatalysts to industry
  • Metal-dependent oxygenases
  • New enzyme discovery and substrate re-tuning
  • Molecular biology toolkit for working in Rhodococcus

To register interest or for more information please contact Charlotte Harrision, MiB Network Manager: For more information about the Metals in Biology Network, and to become a member, please see