8th SIÑAL EXHIBITION: Biobased Products and Solutions, 24-25 May 2016

The UKTI New Technologies team in Lyon is happy to partner with ABE events to bring you the 8th edition of the SIÑAL EXHIBITION which will be held on the 24th & 25th May 2016 in Châlons-en-Champagne. More inofrmation can be found on the website: www.sinal-exhibition.eu

SIÑAL EXHIBITION focuses on Biobased Products and Solutions. Every year, thanks to an effective business meeting system, SIÑAL EXHIBITION brings together professionals, academics and researchers around topics such as BIOBASED MATERIALS, PLANT-BASED CHEMISTRY AND BIOENERGY

Industrial Biotechnology Course: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology

Industrial Biotechnology Course: Biocatalysis through to Synthetic Biology

When: 18-20 April 2016

Where: Biochemical Engineering, University College London

This unique module designed in collaboration with the Centre of Process Innovation (CPI) will introduce options for integrating biocatalysis into chemical manufacturing processes, and also explore successful examples of biocatalyst design, process operation and biorefining for sustainable manufacturing. In this module a series of lectures, problem solving case studies, and a practical workshop will provide close interaction with key academic and industrial speakers

Enzyme Discovery and Production Webinar from the BIOOX EU-FP7 Project

Funded by the EU as part of the Seventh Framework Programme, the project BIOOX“Developing a validated platform for the application of oxygen dependent enzymes in synthesis and transformation of alcohols”, has now entered its third year.

Now available via the project website is a webinar on discovery and production of biocatalysts, particularly highlighting the roles of (meta)genomic approaches for rapidly generating large and diverse panels of novel enzymes, rapid characterisation of novel biocatalysts, and scaled production for industrial biotechnology applications.

£10,000 Business Interaction Vouchers Now Available

BBSRC NIBB Business Interaction Vouchers are to be used to encourage and support collaboration between academic partners and industrial partners within the BBSRC NIBB framework. The collaboration can be any defined piece of work by the academic partner for the industrial partner. BIOCATNET is pleased to be able to now offer awards at two levels, £5,000 or £10,000, so that partners can apply for the level of support which is appropriate to their needs.

Networking and 3rd Proof-of-concept Call Launch Event 28-29 September, 2015

Hosted by BIOCATNET, this free two-day, cross-sector event will bring together academic and industrial partners to identify and address key challenges in the areas of biocatalyst discovery and development. The programme includes flash presentations* from key academics and industry representatives, workshops to identify key challenges and opportunities, and networking sessions.