UPDATED: Networking and 3rd Proof-of-concept Call Launch Event 28-29 September, 2015

Hosted by BIOCATNET, this free two-day, cross-sector event brought together academic and industrial partners to identify and address key challenges in the areas of biocatalyst discovery and development. The programme includes flash presentations* from key academics and industry representatives, workshops to identify key challenges and opportunities, and networking sessions.

This event included the launch of the 3rd Call for BIOCATNET Proof-of-Concept Funding, which opens on the 1st November 2015. Notes from the Event can be found below.

This event aimed to stimulate the development of high-quality funding proposals and research and development efforts through collaboration building and discussions to identify key challenges, gaps, and opportunities. Notes from the discussion sessions can be found at the links below, and may help to provide a starting point for developing applications to the 3rd Proof-of-Concept Funding Call:

  1. Discovery and development of biocatalysts: Breakout 1 – Enzyme Discovery; Breakout 2 – Enzyme Engineering
  2. Intensification of biocatalytic processes: Breakout 1 – Scale Up; Breakout 2 – Scale Out


Monday 28th September
10:30 Arrival & Refreshments
11:00 Welcome & Introduction to BIOCATNET – Prof. Nick Turner (University of Manchester, CoEBio3)
11:05 BIOCATNET 3rd Proof-of-Concept Funding Call & Business Interaction Vouchers
11:15 Current and future BBSRC funding opportunities – Ben Sykes (BBSRC, Senior Business Interaction Manager)
11:30 Presentations: Discovery and development of biocatalysts – Meeting the needs of industry
The state of the art in technologies and strategies to enable timely discovery and development of biocatalysts that are fit for industrial purpose.
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Flash presentations*
15:00 Theme breakouts: identifying key challenges and opportunities (refreshments available)
16:00 Reconvene; discussion
17:00 Close

18:00 Evening Networking Reception, followed by Dinner

Tuesday 29th September
9:00 Arrival & Introduction – Prof. Nick Turner (University of Manchester, CoEBio3)
9:05 Presentations: Intensification of biocatalytic processes
10:20 Flash Presentations*
11:35 Theme breakouts: identifying key challenges and opportunities (refreshments available)
12:35 Reconvene; discussion
13:35 Lunch & Close