BIOCATNET - Network in biocatalyst discovery, development and scale up


BIOCATNET Management Board

Nick Turner (University of Manchester)

Deputy Director
John Ward (UCL)

Ian Fotheringham (Ingenza)

Network Managers
Ian Rowles (University of Manchester)
Mark Corbett (University of Manchester)
Two co-opted SC Members
Murray Brown (GSK)
Yvonne Armitage (KTN)

Network Sub-Theme Leads (Academic and Industrial)
Biocatalyst Discovery
Andrew Carnell (University of Liverpool)
Simon Charnock (Prozomix)
Biocatalyst Development
David O’Hagan (University of St. Andrews)
Tom Moody (Almac)
Process Scale-up
Frank Baganz (UCL)
Andy Ellis (Biocatalyst Ltd)
Social, Environmental, Economic, Policy
Andy Wells (Charnwood Consulting)

Steering Committee
John Blacker (Leeds University iPRD), Murray Brown (GSK), Gareth Jenkins (AMRI), Damien Kelly (Croda), Anita Maguire (Synthesis and Solid State Pharmaceutical Centre), Yvonne Armitage (KTN), Colin Tattam (KTN) and Nick Mulholland (Syngenta)