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Business Interaction Vouchers

BIOCATNET Business Interaction Vouchers Scheme

Status: OPEN

Objectives: BBSRC NIBB Business Interaction Vouchers are to be used to encourage and support collaboration between academic partners and industrial partners within the BBSRC NIBB framework. The collaboration can be any defined piece of work by the academic partner for the industrial partner.

These vouchers are intended to help resource small confidence-building measures between an academic partner and an industrial based partner that are likely to lead to outcomes of:

  • a longer-term relationship
  • improved interaction
  • new research technology transfer projects

UPDATED: Key Features of the Business Interaction Voucher

  • Business Interaction Voucher projects should not exceed 6 months
  • Business Interaction vouchers are now available at two values, £5,000 or £10,000 (both inclusive of VAT), and which must be matched by industrial funding (in cash or kind) of at least equivalent value
  • This funding is provided to help resource and build relationships between an academic partner and an industrial partner only
  • Funds can be provided to academic partners only and industrial contributions (in cash or in kind) should be at least of equivalent value
  • Payment will be in arrears subject to completion of work and reporting requirements (see Terms and Conditions for further information)

Detailed guidelines for applicants are available here, or contact the Network Managers for further details and to receive an application form.

UPDATE: In October 2015, the maximum award available under this scheme was increased to £10,000. Awardees who previously received a £5,000 Voucher may be eligible to apply for a second voucher of equal value (a total of £10,000 awarded as two vouchers) in order to continue developing the collaboration. The award of a second voucher will be subject to successful application via the normal process, and must include justification for requesting a second voucher.

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