Tube-in-Tube Flow Reactors Webinar from the BIOOX EU-FP7 Project

Funded by the EU as part of the Seventh Framework Programme, the project BIOOX“Developing a validated platform for the application of oxygen dependent enzymes in synthesis and transformation of alcohols” was completed at teh end of September 2017.

Now available via the project website is a second webinar on Tube-in-Tube flow reactors for the rapid kinetic characterisation of enzymes.

BIOOX brings together a consortium of academic and industrial excellence which will address the challenges of introducing new technologies to fundamentally change chemical manufacturing in Europe and beyond. This collaborative project draws 11 partners in 6 European countries from academia, innovative biotechnology SMEs, and major industrial partners who supply chemical markets worldwide. Over its four-year lifetime, BIOOX will explore technology development from enzyme discovery and optimisation, through to process development and scale-up, and product evaluation.

The first BIOOX webinar on discovery and production of biocatalysts, particularly highlighting the roles of (meta)genomic approaches for rapidly generating large and diverse panels of novel enzymes, rapid characterisation of novel biocatalysts, and scaled production for industrial biotechnology applications is also available.

EU Emblem BIOOX is an EU collaborative project supported by the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission under grant agreement 613849.